This crazy new toy made all the neighborhood kids ditch their boring dull drones

These days, everyone has a drone. But very few have this new kind of drone that make other drones look downright dull.

A few weeks ago I was looking for a cool birthday present for my 13-year old son. Even though, like a typical hard-to-please teen, all he said he wanted was “cash.” But I was determined to find him a cool gift that would blow his mind.

I had no idea what that would be. But knowing he loved gadgets, I was poking around the internet looking for ideas. And I looked for a long time for something totally new and crazy cool.

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So when I finally came across this, I knew it would be a HUGE hit! In fact, I knew it would be so cool, that my 16-year old daughter would love it too, so I ordered 2 of them, which also saved me money. Plus, it had an outrageous function that made having two of them even more fun.

So what is this crazy new toy?

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It’s called a Odessey Helidrone. And just like it sounds, it’s a combo helicopter drone that is loaded with brilliant functions like 3 speed modes … Dual Camera Settings, and a HD front camera lens, with a 1080p bottom camera lens.

Needless to say, when his birthday arrived a week later, I nailed it, and he was blown away when he opened it! So much so that he then totally ignored his cake, and immediately began figuring out how to operate it.

It didn’t take long for him to figure out all the cool stuff it can do. For example, it can automatically avoid obstacles it may encounter during flight, it maintains its flight altitude automatically, and has landing gear that can be attached and detached.

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But probably the coolest thing he discovered is the Battle mode … where it can battle other Odessey Helidrone during flight with cool sound effects. This makes it even better when he plays with his friends or sister (who I also gave one too later that night.)

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Over the next few days, he spent all his free time playing with it in the front yard. And of course, every day there were more and more kids gathered around watching and hoping for a turn to fly it. Many of the kids had drones already, but there was definitely a cool new kid on the block with this Odessey Helidrone.

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It’s so fun to fly and watch, none of the kids wanted to fly their regular drone anymore! And soon kids and parents were asking me where I got them. Watching this thing zip around like a helicopter is so awesome. And it’s so easy because it has Gesture Smart Setting Flight Control, so it can be used through a palm control without remote operation.

And it’s got amazing range, since it can travel up to 150 feet from the user. It also comes with spare wing blades in case it has a hard landing.

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I looked at the reviews online and found I’m not the only one who loves this ...

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Mark Johnson

Review Rating

Verified Review

January 03, 2023

“As a father, I am always looking for fun and engaging activities for my kids. The Odessey Helidrone has been an absolute hit with my children. They love taking turns flying the drone and capturing footage with the dual HD cameras. It has been a great bonding experience for our family.”

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Lisa Chen

Review Rating

Verified Review

January 22, 2023

“The Odessey Helidrone has been a fantastic addition to my family's outdoor activities. My children love the obstacle avoidance and intelligent hover modes, which make flying the drone easy and safe. It's been wonderful to see my kids develop an interest in technology and aviation.”

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Alex Rodriguez

Review Rating

Verified Review

February 19, 2023

“My son is a big fan of remote control toys and gadgets, so I decided to surprise him with the Odessey Helidrone. He has been playing with it non-stop and is amazed by the quality of the HD cameras and the smart sensing controls. It's been great to see him learn and have fun at the same time.”

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Jessica Lee

Review Rating

Verified Review

February 26, 2023

“The hovering mode of the Odessey Helidrone is incredibly stable, which makes it easy to get the perfect shot every time. I have used this drone on multiple expeditions and it has never let me down.”

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David Chen

Review Rating

Verified Review

February 26, 2023

“The HD cameras of the Odessey Helidrone are outstanding, and the HD image transmission is crystal clear. This drone is perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage for any project.”

In today’s gadget-filled world, its always cool to see something so new and innovative. And since these have only recently hit the market, they are still new in most towns and cities. But, that won’t last long, because the makers of Odessey Helidrone have agreed to a limited time 50% discount offer to readers of this article.

The company also offers a 30-days, risk-free, no-questions-asked return policy. So every Odessey Helidrone is backed by this guarantee … in the unlikely case anyone is not happy with it, they will issue a full refund - no questions asked, guaranteed.

With high demand, supplies are limited. This offer won’t last for long, so make sure to follow the link below to claim a Odessey Helidrone NOW before supplies run out.